Make Someone Happy (2017) 
Empty Vessels.jpg
   Listening Devices (Hotel)  +  Draw the Curtains and Pull Yourself Together  were part of a site-specific group exhibition held at The India Club, London in 2015.  Taking Trip Advisor reviews as a starting point and Jonathan Miller's 1968 adaptation of MR James' classic short story, 'Whistle and I'll Come to You' as inspiration, I spent a night at the Hotel Strand Continental in order to make investigative responses to solitude and 'the idea of a presence'  The resulting images document my attempts to capture sound and absent material within my room. 
 GIZMO! catalogues some of the handy contraptions created by my father in an attempt to make domestic life in retirement a little easier for himself and my mother.  These adapted tools offer cost effective solutions for keeping house and garden presentable and enable chores to be tackled efficiently despite the onset of age related conditions such as height loss, back pain and arthritis.
 After spotting an abandoned Kimball Entertainer organ on the periphery of the Olympic 2012 site I attempted to recreate Jean Michel Jarre's 1988 Destination Docklands concert.  This iconic concert was performed in the midst of the controversial transformation of London's working class east end docks area in to a global financial district.  My recreation was performed in and around Hackney Wick, an area I had to leave shortly after due to unaffordable rent increases.
 The Useless Machines take their form from ex-industrial plants situated in the Ruhr region of Germany and the Dunaskin Ironworks, Ayrshire, Scotland.  They are constructed using items culled from my father's and grandfather's 'Gander Box' consisting of odds and ends accumulated during their working lives.  These components are precariously balanced together to form the illusion of mechanical, yet ultimately purposeless objects.  The transformation of the Ruhr region is cited globally as an example of good practice in terms of regeneration projects taking place where there has been a major structural shift due to changes in industry.  The Dunaskin Ironworks Heritage Centre is now closed due to the withdrawal of funding.  The buildings are derelict and the site for sale with the most likely buyers being property developers.